PLNyze is a tool for building Personal Learning Networks (PLNs). Is a microblogging tool to collect and store small pieces of knowledge (called cards) inside a topic folder. Also it let you share and favorite other users contributions and even edit those cards to make improvements. PLNyze was created specifically for build PNLs. It is not a general tool like Twitter or Facebook that could be adapted to build a sort of PLN.
See product booklet (eng) (spa) and slides (spa).


PublicaJobs is a website where users can publish & search job opportunities for free. Job searchers can upload their resumes (after been authenticated) and apply to any published job opportunity. Companies can publish their job vacancies directly without any registration process. The website was developed with Ruby on Rails 4 using a responsive design.


Aprende is a tool to support teachers in their educational activities. The system let teachers build their own questionnaires (without technical knowledge) adding to them any complimentary information. Every student registered in Aprende will be able to answer the questionnaires according to their level and institute, pausing the process and resuming it later if they want.
See booklet (spa).


Evalua is a tool to support business training programs. Is a response to the need to develop questionnaires to strengthen the knowledge of employees or evaluate the knowledge gained. The use of technology seeks to optimize the time that the instructor should be devoted to this task and in turn serves as a tool to determine how effective the training was.
See slides (spa) and booklet (spa).

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