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Union Street Media

React Staff Augmentation for real estate digital marketing firm 

Helping a leading real estate digital marketing firm build their new React dashboard

Union Street Media is the top real estate digital marketing firm which provides high performing websites and custom digital marketing solutions for real estate brokers, agents, and teams in the US and throughout North America.

With the goal of building a marketing analytics and data visualization dashboard to improve their operations and marketing, Union Street Media needed a nearshore staff augmentation partner. After their network of partners in Europe and Central America were unable to provide the senior-level expertise they wanted, they expanded their search to the nearshore market in South America and found VAIRIX through a third-party advisor that vetted several companies, ultimately choosing our team for their project needs.

For an eight-month period, VAIRIX provided a dedicated senior React developer who helped fill team skill gaps and build out the product.

Union Street Media


Supreme Golf

Nearshore Staff Augmentation for online tee-time marketplace


Helping the world’s largest tee-time marketplace innovate and scale

Supreme Golf provides the largest tee-time marketplace in the world and is in continuous growth mode. Having collaborated in several past projects, they reached out to our team to help with their development needs. 

Their top priority was adding highly qualified outside teams to help with the maintenance and development of new functionalities for their Ruby on Rails legacy system, as well as working on their new version’s React.js front-end, which allows them to have  a completely updated technology stack.

For a ten-month period, VAIRIX provided a dedicated nearshore development team of five senior React + Rails developers that helped Supreme Golf scale up and scale out. 


Supreme Golf



React.js and Node.js development for Interactive Platform Company


Helping users locate and engage with street art across the world

CANVS is an interactive platform that connects people and cities through the power of street art. They aggregate artist, mural and city data and deploy one-of-a-kind products and rich experiences.

With the departure of their lead developer, CANVS was looking for an expert team to help them better understand their tech stack and reach their development goals. VAIRIX provided technical guidance and led the beta release update of the customer's crowdsourcing platform, with front and backend as key project steps.




Social Network For Artists


Connecting artists to their global fan base

Fuzzrocket was conceived as the social network for singers, dancers, songwriters, musicians and filmmakers to create, collaborate and get unprecedented exposure to fans.

The platform allows artists to showcase their music, play original songs and find perfect musical partners. It also lets them show the world what they can do through live performances, plus all the basic features of a social network.

Following an Agile workflow, Vairix developed Fuzzrocket working side by side with its American creators, using Ruby on Rails version 4.




E-commerce Website For Retailer


Helping an e-commerce startup come to life on time and budget

MOD is a custom furniture retailer that needed to build a responsive e-commerce web platform that allowed its users to customize their furniture orders online.

Supported by a state-funded accelerator and working on a tight deadline, they turned to Vairix to help develop and launch their platform. MOD first engaged with a different contractor for this project but were unhappy with their work as they were not able to meet the project’s requirements. They decided to change contractors, looked around for Ruby on Rails specialists, and found a long-term partner in Vairix.

For a two-month period, Vairix had a team of two developers dedicated to building the platform along with its customization features and also addressing problems such as credit card processing issues while taking on any change requests. Vairix currently provides ongoing maintenance support for the finished site. This is one of several examples where the Vairix team stepped into an existing project which the previous developers were unable to complete.

By engaging with our expert team of developers, MOD was able to meet their tight deadline and launch the platform. Their satisfaction with the quality of our work has resulted in a long-term partnership.




E-commerce Platform For Small Businesses


Driving sales to empower small local businesses

Small business entrepreneurs and artisans often struggle with the sales and marketing aspects of their ventures. Mostly focused on goods production, they would greatly benefit from a solution that takes care of creating demand for their creations.

Enter Sellin, a web application that provides brokerage services for Uruguayan small businesses and entrepreneurs. The process is simple: the products are uploaded to the site, where a network of salespeople are in charge of promoting the products and generating demand for them.

This platform opens the doors for these small businesses looking to grow, enter new markets and reach wider audiences, all while being able to network with their peers and focus on their passion.



Montevideo Decide

CONSUL Implementation For Government Portal


Helping local government increase transparency and citizen participation

The Mayor’s Office in Montevideo had the goal of providing all citizens with a participation platform where they could access public government information, as well as actively shape policies to improve city management through debates, proposals, participatory budgeting, and collaborative legislation.

To effectively set up this new line of collaboration between the government and its citizens, the Mayor’s Office needed to customize and implement new functionalities to a leading open-source platform called CONSUL. This Ruby on Rails citizen participation platform is used in more than fifty countries around the world and has a very large community around it.

Through a public tendering process, VAIRIX was selected to carry out the project. Our engineers worked side by side with the Mayor’s Office staff following an Agile workflow environment.

The platform was successfully launched and has received high engagement and praise from users. In addition to gaining new expertise related to open-source projects used within the company, we’re proud of having taken part in helping enable our community to have a say and an impact on how the city is run.

Montevideo Decide



Web Platform For Real Estate Reviews


Real estate reviews made simple

CommunityScore was conceived as a real estate website aimed at providing information about apartments from multiple sources.

Mostly front-end development, it makes intensive use of Google Maps & Places API, as well as doing some scrapping over other sources. For data display it uses several charts showing different representations of the gathered information.




Account Management Module For Government Portal

For FCPortal we needed to develop a Module to manage accounts of millions of people.

The created accounts let people access a distributed system and, also, get access to external processes management and its setup.

The system was based on REST services and was the accessibility core for government applications. This was developed using Ruby on Rails, Devise, CanCan, jQuery, CouchDb, and OmniAuth.




Assessment Tool For Entrepreneurs


Assessment Tool to measure the maturity level of high-impact entrepreneurship.

This information system is used by different roles as entrepreneurs, mentors, universities, investors, and government entities.

The rationale of the software relies on a series of models created by researchers (PhDs) who are specialists in the entrepreneurship field.



Discourse plugins

Forum App Plugin Development


Discourse is an open-source Internet forum software application founded in 2013 by Jeff Atwood, Robin Ward, and Sam Saffron.

Our client asked us to develop several plugins to let users embed Google Calendars and Google Spreadsheets in a post, add any HTML snippet as a sidebar, and export user statistics. This last one was merged into the Discourse core.

Discourse plugins



Web Platform For Online Lotteries


eAposta is a web platform for managing online lotteries.

In the platform, users can play different state-owned games like "Primitive", "Predictor", "Eurojackpot", etc.

It also has an online payment gateway for credit cards.

This platform was developed with Ruby on Rails 3. In addition, there is a widget that can be placed inside any other web portal to provide lottery services online, which is done effortlessly by the third-party developer.




E-commerce Website For Book Retailer


RettaLibros is an online platform designed for a bookstore which consists of two parts, one administrative and the other for online sales.

Within the management of the company, the user can keep track of all sales, purchases, stock, orders, customers, profiles, offers, contracts, etc.

Moreover, end users can access book catalogs, check their stock, see relevant material information, place orders, pay online, create and save lists materials to share with other users, etc.

This platform was developed with Ruby on Rails.




Product Delivery Tracking App

TLI is a web application system aimed at managing a purchase-delivery workflow.

It handles the whole workflow, starting with the client doing the purchase and ending with the package being delivered. Its main goal is to keep continuous track of the package (where it is, in which city, truck, container, etc.) and show this information to the customer. For that reason, we had to handle trip's bookings, services, drivers, carriers, shipping companies and more.

The development was focused on the usability and maintainability of the system. It was developed with Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Formtastic, Cucumber, and Rspec.




Portal For Government Application Form Creation


This is a portal designed for the Panama government which manages citizenship applications. But it's more than a simple portal because it has a dynamic form rendering mechanism.

The system uses templates generated by FCDesigner and documents as data to render the application forms. Also, those forms are filled with some data gathered from REST services and documental databases.

It was developed with Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Formtastic, PaperClip, Savon and CouchRestModel.




Application Form Creation Platform For Government Portal


FCDesigner is a very complex platform to create application forms using templates or reusable parts from them.

This lets the user create a lot of application forms reusing small parts with their own structure, texts, and validations with all the complexity you can imagine.

It's an excellent example of how to use Ruby meta programming. We used Ruby on Rails, jQuery, MetaSearch and especially a lot of hard thinking :)



Management of radiological practice

Radiological Practice Management System


Management of radiological practice has all the needed features to perform the management of a clinic.

It makes it possible to store patient's information and give them their exam results in a digital way.

The big challenge of this project was the replacement of a very outdated system that was previously used for the same purpose.

The usability was a must to keep the culture of the organization.

This project was developed with Ruby on Rails and gems like Devise, CanCan, ThinkingSphinx, WickedPdf, and SpreadSheet.

Management of radiological practice



Medical Clinic Management System 


The customer needed a complete distributed system to manage several Medical Clinics across different locations.

The project started with a small web app to manage patients, treatments, and schedule appointments. As the customer's needs started increasing, it became a complete medical control system.

Nowadays it handles medical histories, patient billing, several kinds of reports, graphic human models of a patient's treatment, and more.

This project was developed with Ruby on Rails, jQuery, RufusScheduler, Capistrano, and Mysql.




Tourism E-commerce Web App


Lock IT is a web platform created to meet the needs of tourists passing through. A variety of offers specially developed for this type of tourist who is in a place for a few hours or for the day. Through the site, you can buy tourist services deals around points Lock IT, including electronic lockers service with web reservation to tour and see different places without the extra weight and without worries!


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