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Meet your evolving technical needs and reach your development goals with top nearshore talent within your time zone.


Hire dedicated nearshore developers to scale your team and product

Leverage Latin America’s software engineering talent pool to increase productivity. Vairix has put together a co-located team of the very best engineers in the region for you to tap into on-demand.

Outsourcing software development to Latin America allows you to scale quickly and predictably through a simple process. From our development center in Uruguay, our Agile experts integrate with customers across the Americas and Europe, providing ideal time zone overlap and cultural alignment for collaboration between teams.

Through our nearshore development services, you can onboard the skilled talent you need in a matter of days and at a reasonable cost. With over ten years of market experience and over sixty thousand hours of work for the US market, you can count on us to deliver top-notch results.


Build your nearshore team

What is Nearshore Software Development?


From a US perspective, Nearshoring involves outsourcing to vendors within a similar time zone and region. Nearshore outsourcing combines the benefits of the Onshore and Offshore models by providing access to highly skilled engineering talent within your geographical proximity and similar time zones while being cost-efficient. Nearshore development companies take care of all hiring, training and retention tasks so you can scale your team on-demand and focus on your core business needs.

Our core mission at Vairix is to make every one of our customers a top priority at all times. We pride ourselves in our boutique-style treatment and being the go-to nearshore development partner for businesses in the USA, Europe and Latin America.


Meet your new tech sidekicks

Our Nearshore Software Development Services

From dedicated development individuals and teams to full-cycle custom solutions, our experts help businesses of all sizes scale, innovate, and bring impactful products to life.

How a Nearshore Development Partner Can Help Your Business

The right nearshore partner can help you access expert talent to scale on demand and accelerate launch times, and meet your evolving needs.

Learn more about how we are helping our most recent US customers reach their software development goals.

Supreme Golf

Helping the largest tee-time marketplace in the world scale their development team and enhance their new and existing platforms.


Building new features for an interactive street art discovery mobile app.


Build your nearshore team

Benefits of Nearshore Software Development

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Seamless Collaboration & Communication:

Leverage time zone similarity for ideal overlap and interaction between distributed teams. Our English-fluent developers understand nuances, share your cultural values, and have a proactive work approach.

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Seasoned talent pool:

Each of our developers specializes in a specific set of technologies. Our team has mastered the best practices in Agile development and communication through regular collaboration alongside our customers in North America and Europe.

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Scale on demand:

Forget about growing pains, big learning curves, and in-house staffing costs. Scale your team with Latin America’s finest, only when you need to, and without long waiting periods. We can help you launch products faster, meet urgent deadlines, and quickly onboard experts outside your core skill set.

How to build your nearshore development team with VAIRIX

Scale your team faster through our simple engagement process:

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1) Share your requirements

Together we define your needs in terms of skills, team size and time frames.

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2) Receive resumes for our top candidates

Get a selection of talent resumes tailored to your specific needs.

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3) Meet and evaluate your picks

Get to know our experts and test their skills.

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4) Start getting results

Start working with your new team as soon as you approve them.

Why Uruguay is the ideal Nearshore partner

When choosing a nearshore development partner for your ongoing needs, you shouldn’t just focus on the technical side of things. What makes Uruguay unique as a nearshore development hub is the country’s track record of leading international rankings for stability, rule of law, investor confidence and quality of living.

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Top performers

Uruguay is the top software exporter in Latin America, and third overall worldwide.

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Political and Economical stability

- Most equitable country in Latin America
- Most democratic country in South America
- Lowest corruption percepcion rate

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Overlap with US Business hours (GMT-3)

Ideal time zone for real-time collaboration with US teams.

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Language & Culture Affinity

Highest TOEFL English scores in Latin America (2017)

What makes VAIRIX stand out as a nearshore development partner

When choosing the ideal nearshore software development partner, you'll want to make sure you are always a top priority for your vendor. We aim for long-term relationships built upon trust with the right number of partners.

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The right size partner

We engage with a limited number of partners to guarantee you remain our top priority at all times.

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The right track record

We have been delivering results for the last decade: VAIRIX was founded in 2010 and has been working for the US market since 2012.

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The right skills and processes

We specialize in a specific set of technologies and follow Agile & Scrum in all our projects along our US partners.

You can expect highly responsive teams and predictable results from us.

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The right people and culture

All our team works under the same roof in our Montevideo office, providing the ideal setup for collaboration.

This also means our developers are always there to support and learn from each other, a huge advantage over freelancer scenarios.

Some of the results we deliver to our partners

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