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Our team have a combination of academic expertise, industry knowledge and research skills. We have senior practitioners, young promises, businessmen... in short, people with extensive knowledge in so different fields that makes this small team a multidisciplinary one.

Also, these people have passed through an intensive training program to be a member of our staff.

Alvaro Muhlethaler

He specializes in agile methodologies and technology development on Ruby on Rails. Scrum Master certified and passionate about Ruby on Rails for almost 6 years, which makes him very capable due to his solid technical background.

Has a creative mind that makes him a visionary entrepreneur, always open to moving towards new ideas, trying to build new startups and innovative projects. He is always extremelly motivated.

He enjoys traveling and is convinced that doing some sport every day is necessary to achieve a balance in other aspects of life.

Expertise: Scrum, Ruby, Rails, RubyMotion, Jquery, CSS, HTML

Alvaro CTO & Co-Founder Alias: amuhleths
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Gastón Arbeletche

Specialized in business and management, is enthusiastic and always is searching new business opportunities. Also is a certified Scrum Master with more than 7 years of experience in software development in local and international companies.

His entrepreneurial spirit makes him a businessman, focused in the creation of new market oportunities and not only on commercialization activities. He is good mixing his technological talent with new business ideas.

Also he is passionate about fishing, enjoying the moment with friends and acquaintances. In his spare time likes to investigate about finance.

Expertise: Scrum, Ruby on Rails, Jquery, Javascript, CSS

Gastón CEO & Co-Founder Alias: black_boss
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German Fagalde

Is one of our rails developers with more time in the company. Always ready for new challenges and willing to discuss new solutions.

Given his experience in the area of ​​QA, is one of those perfectionists that you always want to have in your team. Also he is very responsible for whatever task is assigned to him.

Fan of extreme sports, he is a racing car driver and plays Rugby since he was 13 years old.

Expertise: QA & testing, Ruby on Rails, Jquery, Javascript.

German Ruby on Rails developer Alias: canary
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Pedro Saint-Girons

It has 3 and a half years of experience in web development, working with different programming languages mainly ​​focused on backends. In nearly two years he has specialized in Rails development.

Pedro is an excellent companion and every team want him as one of it members. He's quiet, likes agile methodologies and is a perfectionist about the development process. He enjoys reading and being continuously in training.

In his spare time, meets his friends, goes to pubs and watch movies.

Expertise: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, CSS, HTML, Rspec, Scrum

Pedro Ruby on Rails developer Alias: totein
Daniel Fernández

Never satisfied with just a fix, he always goes deeper and deeper in order to find where a bug may be originated, being precise to choose the right solution. With almost 6 years on web development, always has been focused on large applications. 

He also has an extensive experience in mobile systems with Android smartphones and tablets. He is being passionate about research and out of the ordinary challenges. Also enjoy being part of open source projects to achieve better knowledge from them.

Likes soccer, cars and motorbikes. The weekends enjoy meeting with friends for barbecues.

Expertise: Ruby, Rails, Jquery, CSS, Android.

Daniel Ruby on Rails developer Alias: Daniel el travieso
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Martín Villero

He is one of our most experienced developers, with more than 8 years in the market. He is fond of new technologies and research, making it an excellent member for innovative and cutting edge projects.

He has experience in backend, frontend development and systems integration with a bit of project management. He has specialized in the design and development of reusable components (scalable and self-contained) for an Android version of a well known POS system. Also he is experienced in the integration of billing services.

In his spare time he likes making adventure travels, agriculture and native horses.

Expertise: Ruby on Rails, Web Services, Jquery, Javascript

Martín Ruby on Rails developer Alias: tincho
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Martín Fernandez

Comes from working with other technologies, but since he met Rails he is really interested in become an expert on the subject. Always interested in learning about programming and finding the best solution for any problem.

Since 2011 has been working in the web and mobile area, and since 2013 his main focus is Ruby on Rails development.

He feels very comfortable working on frontend, always using DRY principle and never forgets that a good performance is a need for any site web 2.0.

Enjoys his free time doing sports, among his favorites are soccer and swimming.

Expertise: Ruby on Rails, Jquery, Javascript, CSS, Rspec, HTML

Martín Ruby on Rails developer Alias: tincho
Pablo Vilas

He has more than 5 years of experience in mobile and web applications, mostly focused on frontend development.

Given its experience in other companies, Paul is very passionate about developing client side code, making emphasis in application performance and small and subtle details. Also he likes research new technologies and later share that knowledge with other peers in technical talks.

In his spare time he plays soccer, goes often to the cinema and meets with friends.

Expertise: Ruby, Rails, Jquery, HTML, CSS, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Android.

Pablo Ruby on Rails developer Alias: willy
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Esteban Fernández

If you have to make research and test new technologies, then Esteban is the right one for those task. He has a great ability to understand new technologies and different paradigms, being completely catched up by them.

He has 3 years of experience in software development and 10 months of experience with Ruby on Rails. Although it's short time as RoR developer, he is a very talented full stack developer. He feels comfortable in backend and frontend development because his main skill is problem solving.

His favorites hobbies are theater and music and thats lets him mix logic and creativity to achieve better solutions.

Expertise: Ruby on Rails, Jquery, CSS, Javascript, Objective C

Esteban Ruby on Rails developer
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Darío Macchi

He specializes in quality assurance and agile methodologies due to his training as master in Software Engineering (M.Sc.). He has 15+ years of experience working in startups and multinational companies, on projects ranging from content management applications to business intelligence and data visualization.

Passionate about software engineering research, so he drives the search of evidence to support the decisions made in the company.

As a hobby, he enjoys trying "odd" programming languages as Lisp, Lua and Clojure.

Expertise: software engineering (all SDLC stages), software development (client side mainly, JS, JQuery, SVG) and computer science research.

Darío COO & Scrum Master Alias: dariomac
Rodrigo Curbelo
Rodrigo Frontend developer Alias: rodri

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